Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! You may be new to Bloom or our Drive-Thru Picture Day concept, so we understand there may be questions. Please read through our most commonly asked questions about our Drive-Thru Picture Day. If your question is not answered feel free to submit a question to our studio using the form below.

Do I have to sign my child up for pictures this year?

Yes. All parents who wish to have their student participate in school pictures will be required to book a ticket for them. Parents can book tickets directly through their school if they are partnered with us or, parents can book a ticket to a studio hosted drive-thru picture day.

Drive-Thru Picture Day is optional and by no means are parents required to have their children participate in it. If you feel that this is not a good fit for your student and family then we kindly ask you to find an alternative solution for your students school pictures this year.

Do I have to print my ticket?

Yes & No, you can present your ticket on your mobile device to our photographers or print a copy of it from home. Please note, your photographer will need to take a photo of this as it will be our only way to track who is who through this process.

How much does it cost?

Signing up is free. Prints and digital negatives are sold separately. Please familiarize yourself with our pricing structure that is located on your school’s dashboard where you will sign up for your student’s ticket time.

I have more than one student to sign up, do I have to sign each one up?

Yes, every student will need to have a time scheduled for them. The great thing is that we’ve allocated 5-10 tickets every 15 minutes so you can pick the same ticket time for all your student’s.

I have a child that doesn’t go to the school that I am signing up for, can I still sign them up?

Yes, the more the merrier. Just make sure they are school age student’s, ECE-12th Grade.

Can I get a picture of my children together?

Yes, we love sibling photos. When your next up in line just mention to your photographer that you would like a photo of all your children together and they will do their best to capture that.

How do I order for multiple students?

You will receive a gallery for each student and sibling set photographed and you will need to order from each gallery separately. As long as you use the same email address when you log into each gallery you will be able to add all of your items from each gallery into the same shopping cart for easy checkout. Keep in mind, this only works for galleries created from the same picture day. We do not combine galleries for the reason that our pricing is structured for individual students.

Are you offering retakes?

No, due to the amount of time we have allocated for our Drive-Thru picture day’s we will not be offering retakes. Please reach out to our studio and based on our availability at other Drive-Thru’s you may be able to book a ticket at one of those.

What do we do when we get there?

Once you’ve found a parking spot, park. Use the time until your student’s ticket time to prepare their picture day look. Our process is contactless so we are relying on you to make sure your student is looking picture perfect. At your ticket time we ask that you have your student exit the vehicle and join our picture day line. If you need to help your student through this process we ask that you limit it to one adult per family so that we can maintain proper social distance.

When will my gallery be ready and how do I order photos?

You will receive a password protected gallery containing just your students pictures about 1-2 weeks after your schools picture day. Ordering instructions will be communicated from either us or your school. If you signed up for a picture day with us and gave us your email, you will receive communication from us. If your school is managing its picture day and you did not sign up with us, you will receive communication from your school.

What’s my gallery password?

It will either be your student’s ID number if they were assigned one from your school district or something custom that your school has decided to use. If your student does not have an ID number please refer to your school's dashboard for that information.

I am running late?

Don’t worry! But, worry! We’ve staggered our ticket times so that it slows down our picture day process. So, if your running a few minutes late don’t worry. When you get to the location have your student join our line if there is an open spot. If you are more than 15 minutes late, worry! Just kidding, we’ll do our best to get your student in line. Just wait for an opportunity for our line to slow down. You may have to wait but that depends on how many tickets were booked at the time you arrive.

What if our picture day gets cancelled?

We hope that’s not the case, but we are in a pandemic! We will offer new dates (if available) or picture day may be moved to late spring in order for us to do safe, socially distanced outdoor photography.

What happens about bad weather?

It’s Colorado! We’ll wait it out if we can otherwise, it will be at our photographers discretion to cancel a picture day. We hope this is not the case but, we really can’t control weather. We will do our best to accommodate rescheduling and you will receive an email notification if your picture day is canceled with new dates (if available) to book a new ticket time.

How much is shipping?

We lowered our shipping cost to $3.95 and for any orders over $55, it’s free. We will not be offering free school delivery or the option to pick your order up from our studio.

Are you going to take pictures in my student’s mask?

The first couple photos we take of your child will be of them in their masks. After that, we will finish up their pictures without their mask.

What if I don't want a photo of my child in their mask?

We know that not everyone wants the keepsake of their child in a mask but some do. So, we are covering our bases and photographing everyone in their mask and without their mask. 99% of the images in your gallery will be of your child without their mask. If you don't want one with their mask, simply tell the photographer to skip it when your child is next up in line or simply, don't buy it! It won't hurt our feelings but not being nice about it will!

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, everyone who is entering into our picture day line will be required to wear a mask the entire time with the exception of students who have a medical issue preventing them from wearing one. If there is a parent who has a medical issue that prevents them from wearing one we kindly ask that you allow your student to go through the line alone or send them with an adult that can wear a mask.

How many people are going to be there?

We will have 1-2 photographers depending on available booking times. We are limiting our tickets to 5 tickets/students every 15 minutes for 1 photographer. At the most, we will have 10 tickets/students every 15 minutes for 2 photographers. We ask that you limit the amount of family members coming to the school or ask them to stay in the car while your student takes their pictures.


You may be new to our company or our Drive-Thru Picture Day concept so we understand there may be questions. Please feel free to ask us a question or leave a comment below and we will do our best to return it in a timely manner. We will have limited customer service hours while we are hosting our Drive-Thru Picture Days after school. If this an emergency, dial 911.

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