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Let's break this down for you!

With the uncertainty around how students will return to in-person learning and how that will look for schools, we have developed a program that allows schools to check picture day off their list. Introducing... Drive-Thru Picture Day! Put picture day in parents' hands this year. Parents will be responsible for booking a time slot for their student(s) from preselected dates and times. Bloom will handle the online scheduling, photography, delivery of websites, school service items and shipment of orders. All you need to do is inform parents how school pictures are going to work this year by directing them to your school's parent dashboard we provide to you. A parent dashboard is a Bloom hosted website where parents can do everything from booking a ticket to your school's drive-thru picture day to ordering school pictures. We will make sure they know what the process will be when they arrive at the school to ensure a smooth contactless experience. We even can set time aside after school or during for your staff to be photographed without having to make an extra trip into school.

Let's take the worry out of managing a traditional picture day so that you can focus on educating your students and getting your school reopened safely. Our drive-thru model will follow current CDC guidelines so that we can provide your school with your important picture day needs, all while your students start this year out learning remotely.

Here's the catch! It will only work while we can still do photography outside. So, time is not on your side. Since we will be limiting how many schools we will be partnering with you must act fast. Your school will get the service items needed for your district and school along with the same great photography you and your families are used to.

To sign your school up fill out the following form and a Bloom team member will reach out to get your school set up.

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